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Join Höljes FIA SmartDriving Challenge to Höljes RX and become
a better and smarter driver!

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All you need is a smart phone and a car with bluetooth.  Fuel or age of the car does not matter! Everyone can join!

Will you be the smartest driver in Höljes?


When you download the FIA SDC app and connect it to the car, your driving is measured and you get points in how smart and environmentally friendly you drive. If you get points above 1200, you have the opportunity to win back the money for your ticket! During the event week 24/6-3/7, 10 tickets are contested every day - to the drivers with the highest scores! Good luck!



1. One person per car can win an entrance ticket to the Rallycross in Höljes (Weekend ticket worth SEK 800)

2. You must have an average score of at least 1200 to qualify for the competition

3. You must have covered a distance of at least 20 km to qualify for the competition

4. If you win a ticket, the money will be refunded after the event

5. Every day, 10 winners are chosen based on the highest average (if there are a few over one day, they will go on to the next day).

6. You must be over 18 years old and have a driver's license

HOW-TO Join?

  1. Download the FIA ​​SDC app and create an account or log in

  2. Click on the link (in your smartphone) or scan the QR code to reach the challenge

  3. Join the challenge " FIA SmartDriving Challenge to Höljes RX"*

  4. Make sure that your smartphone is connected via bluetooth to the car

  5. Practice driving and test how you can raise your points by driving calmer and more focused. Get tips on how you can improve directly in the app

  6. When driving to Höljes, use the FIA ​​SDC app. Then visit Torsby municipality's exhibition tent and register your result. You can drive and register your points between 24/ 6-3/ 7 at. 10.00.

  7.  The winners, those with the highest score, will be announced between 1-3/7.

  8. * If the challenge does not come up - download the app and fill in your details, and scan the QR alt press the link again.


  • Distractions - Stay focused on what's going on around you. Using your mobile phone while driving lowers your scores and is a security risk.

  • Stress - Plan your driving to avoid stress. Take a break and take the opportunity to see the Värmland nature and maybe a Fika on the way?

  • Be prepared - Keeping focus on road and traffic is important for your safety. Try to prevent the behavior of other drivers by analyzing what is happening

  • Drive calmly and smoothly and do not chase after other cars just to get ahead of them

  •  Skip cruise control. When cruise control is used uphill or downhill, the engine has to fight hard to maintain a steady speed. By not using cruise control, you can save a large amount of fuel

  • By accelerating and decelerating and accelerating again, you spend a large amount of fuel. Try to keep a steady speed.


  • Any tax on the winnings is paid by the winner.

  • Unless otherwise stated, the organizer is not responsible for extra costs in connection with the prize.

  • The organizer does not provide travel insurance for travel winnings. It is the responsibility of the winner (s) themselves to take out relevant insurance for the trip in question, unless otherwise stated.

  • The winner's name, picture and voice may be used for commercial purposes or other advertising space.

  • The winner may not exchange the winnings for any financial equivalent, compensation or transfer the winnings to anyone else.

  • The organizer reserves the right to change the competition, rules and its content at any time during the competition period.

  • In all competitions that are associated with travel, there is an 18-year age limit to be able to win or alt. with the consent of the guardian, the 18-year limit also applies to competitions where lotteries occur as prizes.

  • The organizer is not responsible for technical errors regarding telephone, e-mail or letter.

  • Only one price per driver.

  • Partners and sponsors may contact participants via email or telephone.

  • Close employees of the partners Höljes RX, Visit Värmland, Compare and Visit Torsby may not win prizes in the competition, but participate as good ambassadors.

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Scan the QR code to reach the challenge


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