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Höljes Rallycross AB is aiming to take responsibility for sustainability and the environment. To achieve this, we need to continuously adapt, develop, and adjust our operations. By taking responsibility for our and future generations’ environment we hope that we can make an impact and set an example for our audience, competing teams and other stakeholders.

Our objective is to take climate action on as many levels as possible within our current scope and be a part of the movement to create eco-responsible tournaments. We will do so by e.g., providing the organization with education about sustainability, fulfilling reduction targets and communicating our ambitions and objectives to all necessary parties.

This environmental policy applies to World RX of Sweden and all related actors, such as Höljes Rallycross AB, the participating teams, our audience, our suppliers etc. The environmental policy is therefore shared with all interested parties both internally and externally to make all parties aware of our environmental efforts. The policy is updated regularly. 

To achieve our targets, we follow the points below:

  • Laws and regulations: we will comply with and respect legislation that apply to our organization and World RX of Sweden.


  • Ecological footprint: we want to reduce our ecological footprint on the environment and climate and will continuously take actions that make a difference.


  • Sustainable procurement: We strive to use ecologically certified, and fair-trade products in our operations. We also want to continuously improve our merchandise and make sure everything has been evaluated and chosen from a sustainable perspective.


  • Environmental responsibility: All parties involved in World RX of Sweden are asked to follow the code of conducts, regulations and advice set and communicated by Höljes Rallycross AB before the event.


  • : We measure relevant KPI’s yearly and set targets for reducing waste, emissions and energy consumption based on them. Other areas of significant impact are monitored and reviewed yearly.


  • : We communicate our progress, current state and sustainability efforts to all interested and relevant parties.


  • : All Höljes Rallycross AB employees will have undergone a basic training programme in sustainability in order to raise awareness and achieve our targets and objectives.

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